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So you wanna know more about me, BadEvan?
Well, what can I say?

I’m 28 and dreading the big 30. Yea, I know it’s a few years away, but damn does it sneak up on ya. All you young queens out there, be kind to us “old fags”, you’ll be one soon, too. As you probably figured out, I am gay. I like the cock! I’m not into overly femmie guys. I’m pretty butch, for a small Irish guy. I do have my moments when the inner girl comes out (like in my videos). But for the most part I’m a tough guy who can handle his own….

I spend almost all my time online. It’s what I do for the paper. I design really fraking high-end websites for businesses. I also do a bit of Digital PR work for companies looking to brand them selfs using social media (how’s that for sounding like a hot shit marketing guy?). But my main focus is my company… I run an all digital media company, Aequitas Media (it’s Latin for equality). I run/market a few blogs, mostly other people’s, through the company. I also have an all digital HD online TV network. That part of the biz is kicking my ass right now (08/30/09). But it’s my passion and the money maker :)

I’ve spent most of my life working in kitchens. I love to experiment in the kitchen as well as eating out. In my home I do the cooking. It’s not a chore! So, if you wanna get with me, bring an appetite. My fav food styles are Thai, Sicilian, Creole, and Greek. But I’ll try anything at least twice.

So, I was a chef. Trained on the line by fire and attitude. I’ve worked under some great, well known, chefs, who had no problems with telling you what a fuck-up you are. Quick to yell, fight, stab, and drink! When they say move, you’d better jump! But I feel this is the best way to get your stripes. If you can survive and impress them, then you can do anything. So that was the style I had when I ran kitchens.

I also love to travel. I’ve been around the world and down the block. Meeting new people, sampling different cultures, seeing unique places. That’s life. Most of my journeys have been solitary. I would like to share these experiences with another, but who?


AGE: 28
B-DAY: Sep. 17th
STATUS: single :(
SIGN: Virgo
HOME: Bloomington, IN
HEIGHT: 5’10”
WEIGHT: 130 lbs
EYES: Greenish
HAIR: Brown/Short/Straight
STYLE: Casual, Frat boy
MUSIC: Everything but DISCO and Gangsta Rap
FAITH: Christian w/ out the church
SMOKE: Hell ya, Marlboro “Reds”, Cowboy Killers
DRINK: Nope, nothing for 5.5 yrs
DRUGS: Nope, I’m an after-school special
HIV/AIDS: Negative, no other STDs either
TATTS: I have a couple, wanna see?

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