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Dominating the ShortyAwards

It’s that time of the year again… break out your best tweets. The Shorty Awards are here! This year I’m goin’ straight to the top… or at least better than I did last year, 5th place. This time I REALLY need you…

But BadEvan, what are the ShortyAwards?
You know, it’s the user driven contest to pick the best tweeps of Twitter. There are 27 official categories, I’m in Politics. You nominate the person you think rocks that topic… then other people tweet their vote for them. After the votes are in, the top five of each category goes onto Round 2…

Members of the Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences will carefully review the finalists’ tweets and fill out an anonymous survey with their choices for winners. Academy members are not allowed to vote on categories in which they are finalists or have conflicts of interest.

To determine the winner in each category, the Academy’s choices will be combined with the popular vote. – Via

To me, and other tweeps, this is a big deal. Mega-Frakin’-Huge! The winners go to the star studded awards ceremony in New York. Where they get their “prize” and give their 140 character speech. Last year it was featured on CNN…

Well how do I vote for you, since you are the best?
All you gotta do is tweet the message below. Be sure to replace ‘ADD YOUR REASON’ with your witty reason 😉

I nominate @BadEvan for a Shorty Award in #politics because… ADD YOUR REASON

How are you doing so far?
I’m kickin’ some arse right now. I’m in 10th place out of 377 people. I’m beating out the REAL twitter profiles for Taegan Goddard, Markos Moulitsas, Erick Erickson, Matt Lewis, West Wing Report, Media Matters, Air America Media, buzzflash, The Young Turks, Daryl Cagle. I’m even beating out Hal Sparks, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough, The White House, Barack Obama! (Again… these are their REAL Twitter acounts!)

You can follow my standing and read “The Shorty Interview with BadEvan” on my ShortyAwards Profile page. You can see how I’m stalking up against the other nominees in Politics Category.

Who are the brilliant people who’ve voted for you?
Glad you asked 😉 These are the AWESOMENESS tweeps that have voted for me in #politics. (list will be updated daily)

Debbie Lane aka @wisdomhypnosis
Heather Weaver aka @GeekMomMashup
Tommy Geraci aka @teeco71
Billy Warhol aka @BillyWarhol
Drew and Skip aka @gayscifinerds
CaroL MacieL aka @moopoint
Øyvind aka @atrais
Amanda Hoffman aka @finnrose
Chris Bede aka @cbede
Aaron G. aka @Airrun
Lincoln McCardle aka @Canucklehead_ca
Jessica Gottlieb aka @JessicaGottlieb
Andrea Verdura aka @AndreaVerdura
Wicked Gay Blog aka @wickedgayblog
♥☆Lipstick☆♥ aka @LipstickNYC
Cecilia Sherrard aka @OhioAgent
joshua aka @thejoshuablog
Drew Bennett aka @BenSpark
PlotDogPress aka @PlotDog
Saphrym aka @Saphrym
kristinebrite aka @kristinebrite
Joe Tech aka @joetech
jenwag57 aka @jenwag57
Kevin Jones aka @UncleKevin
Travis Hodges aka @TRAVSocialMedia
A Concerned Citizen aka @2ndClssCtzns
Ross M Gould aka @mnrmg
Peggy Pendleton aka @UTsavage

Thanks to everyone who has voted, RTd and begged their tweeps to vote for me…. You are all AWESOMENESS wrapped in SWEETNESS!!!

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  1. How? How did I miss this?!?? So, what are the updates?

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