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November Hottie

The ‘Hottie of the Month’ for November! This stud is what Thanksgiving is all about. He could be my slice of pumpkin pie 😉 Say hello to Adam, a 22yr old Bio-Chem major and lgbt activist from Orono, ME… I don’t know what they’re doing in Orono… But they’re produce amazing hotties! First Gregory and now Adam…

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First Name: Adam, (Friends call him Sunny, because he looks like Justin from QAF… you know… Sunshine)
Sign: Scorpio
Turn ons: I get turned watching another guy get turned on when I give him massages.
Turn offs: Belly buttons creep me out.
Fav band/song: I really like Madonna’s What It Feels Like for a Girl – it has a rebellious statement that goes way beyond the simple identification as a victim of prejudice. It says we need to stand up and fight back. Too bad the video was banned from TV.
Fav movie/show: My favorite movie is What Dreams May Come – I believe in soulmates and that create our own Heaven or Hell right now in how we live. And that at the end of the day, all we really have is those we love.
Fav color: Periwinkle Blue.
Fav food: I’m so not picky when it comes to eating – I really like a good grilled cheese, though.

Perfect guy: My perfect guy is someone who I can have an open and honest conversation with – a guy who is also like my best friend. Loyalty is very important to me.

Perfect date: A perfect date wouldn’t be perfect – dates are always best when something little goes wrong, like spilling food on your clothes and then being able to laugh about it. Whenever I’m on a date and something like that happens to the guy I’m with (and it usually does), I always let ’em know that it’s all in fun and not to be embarrassed. It’s more fun when you can turn little inconveniences into adventures! Like “rain on your wedding day” – if a guy can put a positive spin on things instead of getting upset, it makes him all that more attractive.

Secret ambition: If I had a secret ambition, it would be to show the gay community that spirituality is a good thing and that there are millions of individuals and countless churches of all faiths that believe that we are inherently good and that there’s nothing wrong with us.

Secret fantasy/desire: I don’t think there’s any higher aspiration than the realization of true love. I want to get married someday, too. I guess my dream isn’t anything fancy. I’ve been blessed with a relatively good life and parents who brought me up to value love, to be frank. I make all my dreams come true – we create our own destinies. Love is the only thing in this world where you need two people to make it come true.

Money, Power, Fame or Love: I’d always choose love over anything else. Is there really anything else? If I lost everything, I’d still be OK if I had love. I believe in true love and I wish more people did. I’m a romantic at heart, but I’m realistic – love takes work and it’s not always comfy or pretty. I like how Kahlil Gibran describes it in The Prophet – love simultaneously brings you warmth and shakes you to your core, forcing you to face realities about who you are. Love can be forever because it grows and changes with the people who are in love. And I have to note that love comes in many forms and isn’t limited to romantic relationships.

Quote: “The doggy fur on my clothes just shows I have lots of little friends who love me.”

Links: Adam Flanders, ME Marriage, FaceBook, YouTube, JustGuys

I think Adam is all that and a bag of chips… He’s smart, driven, fraking HOT and dedicated to advancing lgbt rights. So, what do you think about Adam?

Much Love,

ps, wanna be one of the hotties on this gay blog? Drop me a line 😉

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  1. I love the perfect date response! Who wants the absolute perfect date? Or the absolute perfect man? If every man had the perfect man there would be nothing unique about any of them! Nothing to make them distinguished among all the other men in the club!

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