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October Hottie

Well, I’ve done it again. The ‘Hottie of the Month’ is back! I know it’s a little early…. But here’s my Halloween treat for you all to nibble on. Say hello to Gregory, a 23yr old dancer from Orono, ME…

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First Name: Gregory
Sign: Aries
Turn ons: Nice teeth, pretty eyes
Turn offs: Liars, cheats, the annoying
Fav band/song: The Veronicas/Take Me On The Floor
Fav movie/show: The Family Stone/So You Think You Can Dance & Glee
Fav color: Baby Blue
Fav food: Chedder Jack Mac and Cheese

Perfect guy: My perfect guy, would be older than me by 5 years, taller than me, dark hair, dark eyes, sweet and mature, stable, a cuddler, and would have to love the outdoors.

Perfect date: A romantic dinner, just the two of us, his place or mine, in front of a fireplace on a blanket made of fleece, sweet instrumental music playing in the background, and a surprise present for me at the end…and I am talking about materialistic presents, lol!!!

Secret ambition: Performing on Broadway/back up dancer for someone famous.

Secret fantasy/desire: To wake up and never have to worry about money ever again.

Money, Power, Fame or Love: I would have to pick Fame, because with Fame comes Money, and with Money comes Power, I can just work on the whole love thing in my spare time!!!

Quote: “Let’s just run away from life, and never grow up.”

Links: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

So, what do you think about Greg… Pretty cute isn’t he?

Much Love,

ps, wanna be one of the hotties on this gay blog? Drop me a line 😉

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  1. He is a hottie! And deserves an entire month of glory. :-)

  2. Thanks so much for your compliment!!!

    -October Hottie

  3. he is really hottie of the month, thanks

  4. Do you think there should be a couple of hotties each month… then users get to vote on who the Hottie of the Month should be?

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