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National Coming Out Day & Equality March

Across the nation on October 11th people will take part in marches and rallies in support of LGBT Equality. We are urging you to stand up and speak out during the National Coming Out Day and the National Equality March. There are events planned in Bloomington and Indianapolis.

National Coming Out Day

On this day people are asked to publicly share their “coming out” stories. By sharing these life changing events we are reaching out to so many different people and putting a face to the LGBT Civil Rights Movement.

When people outside of our community hear these stories of pain, abandonment, courage and love they get a glimpse into what it means to be LGBT. A first hand retelling conveys the impacts of intolerance, bigotry, fear and hate. Allies can and will be made.

There are many people today who feel they can’t be who they are. They fear the consequence of coming out. “What will my family say” “Will I lose my job?” “Will my church abandon me?” By standing strong and sharing the road we have traveled… we give hope and encouragement to those not yet out. We can show them that it can be hard at the beginning…but the love of self and the love around us can out weigh those hard times.

For more on the National Coming Out Day visit HRC

National Equality March

On this day people will gather as one voice. Standing strong for LGBT Equality. There will be a National Equality March on Washington. People will converge on DC to show our leaders that we are brave, that we are many and that we are resolved.

Not everyone can be in DC and our local leaders need to see us standing up at homes as well. So, across the nation at City, County and State halls we will gather to share the same message with our state and local leaders. We are many! We are resolved! LGBT Equality Now!

For more on the National Equality March visit Equality Across America

October 11th in Indiana

Bloomington, IN
Courthouse Square (corner of Walnut & Kirkwood) 2pm – 4pm
* Sharing stories, talking with local leaders and meeting LGBT advocacy groups *
After Party and Open Mic @ Rachaels’ Cafe (300 E 3rd St) 4pm – 9pm
* Performances by local musicians, artists and poets *


Indianapolis, IN
City-County Building (200 E Washington St) 2pm – 6pm
* Sharing stories, talking with local leaders and meeting LGBT advocacy groups *
More information on this event and the sponsoring group at IndyImpact
* Follow this event live via Twitter *

Afterwards, come back here and share your stories. No matter who you are, what you’ve gone through or where you are…. Your story is important!

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