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DeRoyLight Video & Interview

You’ve gotta see this funny ass video put together by DeRoyLight. “How to Never Be Wrong” points out the crazy arguments that people make in regards to Homosexuality being wrong. It goes as far as to speculate the methodology for how these arguments are concocted… Also, there’s a nice interview with the guy behind this video at the end of this post.

What did you think of the video? Funny right? But kinda creepy, too? I can actually see some of the people behind many of the anti-gay groups leading strategy sessions just like this, lol!

Now, the interview with the creator of “How to Never Be Wrong“, David R. Light.

BadEvan: So, who is DeRoyLight, aka David?

David: DeRoyLight is a play on my full name, David R. Light. I’m a 20 year old entertainment writer and gay rights advocate. I’ve been writing professionally for nearly five years now on a variety of subjects, culminating in a personal invitation to cover an event put on by DirecTV at the Playboy Mansion in 2007.

BadEvan: What on Earth prompted you to make this video?

David: I recently became an atheist, and in doing so I had to critically re-think things I had been taught growing up. When I couldn’t find any rational secular reasoning for opposing gay marriage or homosexuality in general, I had to come to the uncomfortable realization that I had been passively bigoted most of my life. This video was made as an insight into the many flawed arguments people will make to justify their own intolerance, and hopefully reach more people that were once like me.

BadEvan: What’s the response, to the video, been like? Has it been positive or negative?

David: The video response has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly throughout social mediums like twitter and Facebook. I have had one or two obscenely ignorant responses on the video itself, suggesting I die for making such a video. But these people often end up disabling ratings and removing links to their blogs from their own channels, which I can only assume is because of the amount of rational backlash they receive. I do find it insightful that these same people who feel so obligated to discriminate against a group of people, are often the same people that are the first to run and hide from any criticisms of their opinions.

BadEvan: So what’s next on the agenda? What else are we gonna see from you?

David: This most recent video actually came to mind while working on a larger project that will be done (hopefully) relatively soon. Being that the videos I make are largely on the topic of religion, I’ve noticed that many people who are not very religious, can still wear the cultural imprints of certain religious beliefs without recognizing it. I’ve noticed many people making what they think are secular arguments against homosexuality, as a last-ditch effort to justify what they were taught by well-intending but uneducated or biased peers. One such thing I see from time to time is the argument that homosexuality is antithetical to the process of evolution, and therefor not only can it not be natural, but that it hinders the human species. Not only is this wrong in the sense that you shouldn’t be looking to a brutal process like natural selection for decisions on what we should and should not do in the first place, but it’s wrong from a scientific perspective as well, as there are clear evolutionary benefits to homosexuality in a population and the denial of such truths is nothing more than obfuscation of Science. I hope to further delve into those benefits in my next video.

BadEvan: So, how can we stalk, I mean follow you and your work?

David: You can find me
& FaceBook, I’ll be looking to maintain, FaceBook, sometime in the near future.

Well that’s it kids… Be sure to check out David R. Light. I think DeRoyLight should make a fun video just for this gay blog… What do you think? BTW,David loves it when people rate and comment his videos 😉

Much Love,

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  1. Thats a great video… I hate being wrong now I never will be! LOL

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