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BadEvan Live episode 29

Not a very long episode this week. Sorry :( But cover a few really HOT topics. Like the Goshen Amendment, the ballot measure in Maine and the efforts to block DP Laws in Washington. A fun interview with another student film maker and this time we have a clip!

So here we go BadEvan Live: Episode 29 for September 4th, 2009. Don’t forget to leave a comment and follow me around the web;) Also, if you like my new theme song… Please stop over at Jeff & Elliott and let them know you like it. Thanks Jeff!


Rules for the prizes:
Enter by either following me on Twitter and/or friending me on FaceBook and/or leaving a REAL (NON SPAM) comment on this video post.

This weeks Prizes:

1 pound of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee ($30.00 value)
From: The Runcible Spoon @ 412 E. 6th St, in Bloomington, IN

1 free haircut, includes shampoo/cut/style ($20.00 value each)
From: Kirkwood Hair Artists @ 430 Kirkwood Ave, in Bloomington, IN

1 signed copy of “Island Song” by Alan Chan.
From: Author Alan Chin

1 free large pizza ($13.00 value each)
From: Cafe Pizzaria @ 405 Kirkwood Ave, in Bloomington, IN

1 free entree w/ salad ($6.95 value each)
From: Rachael’s Cafe @ 300 E. 3rd St, in Bloomington, IN

strong>The other links:
1) Info on the show “After, Happily Ever” produced by Gesi Aho-Rulli
2) Goshen Article (a Northern Indiana city)
3) Blogger’s Choice Awards (Vote in 1 or all 4 categories)
4) Fan Signs (send to

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  1. Sorry folks… Just got an email about the strange tracers every time I move my hands…

    Don’t know why that happened. Must of been something during the conversion to flash.

    I’ll look into it 😉

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