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Honest Online Casino and Tournament Reviews

Many of you know that I love playing cards… for money (also for pinks or undies). I even thought about trying to make run as a Pro Card Player. Again, most of you know that I travel a ton. So, how do I find the right casino for my action, when I’m out of my regular play zone? Casino People! These folks know all the right things to look for in a hot spot.


When you’re looking for glamorous accommodations, wicked parties, loose slots, no-limit tables, affordable tournaments at US casino… They’ve got you covered! They have the complete 411 on every casino you would ever want to go to. The best part… Their listings are legit! Unlike other places that sell a listing… aka an ad, Casino People value their integrity. They give you up front, frank and honest online casino reviews. So no worries. You can trust their recommendation 😉

But how do we know that they know what their talking about?

Well, between all of their staff of reviewers and examiners they have more experience than anyone else out there. The company is made up of people who have spent years work the casino pits, check-ins, shows, floors and back offices. Their goal from day one has been to leverage that massive experience into the most stringent review process. A process which rivals some of the bigger travel guides.

I love casino tournaments! It’s the only time you can play cards with as little as $25 and walk away with $10,000! You could even end up winning a seat at “The Main Event”…aka The World Series of Poker. The mecca for all serious cardies. Casino People keeps an updated listing for tournament reviews. Making it so much easier for me to plan my vacation. I like to stay at places that have the type of tourney action I’m looking for at that time.

They also have more than just reviews. There’s a discussion forum, message boards, game reviews and strategies, important casino news and great articles on gambling. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie… they have a massive amount of information ready for you. Now go get that paper.

BTW, a while back at The Main Event there was this Italian boy, just turned 21, at the final table. He was wearing a brightly colored wool scarf. Yeah, in Las Vegas he was wearing a scarf. I turned to my mother, who is also a cardie, and said… “He’s gotta be a big old Mo!” I so agreed. But sadly I can’t remember his name. Any one know who/where he is? I know of no openly gay/lesbian pro card players. Do you know of any? I would love to meet a couple, especially if they’re cute and really good at the “grind”. Maybe you can help me track some down… for an interview on this gay blog.

Any who, the next time you are looking for a tournament, loose slots or your fav table game… go check the reviews at Casino People. I do!

Much Love,

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