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Gene Dante & the Future Starlets

Holy dipstick Batman! Where the hell has this band been all my life? Gene Dante and the Future Starlets have just dropped a fantabulous new album “The Romantic Lead”… With lines like “There is nothing in this brave new world wrong with me” and “Sometimes boys just want to play with dolls”…

This album has 11 tracks that will send you on a whirl wind through your psyche… leaving you begging for one maybe two more tracks. Blurring the lines of story-telling, melody and theatrical arts. You WILL see yourself in these lines. Maybe not through the whole voyage…but you will, constantly, if you’re honest with your self.

But who is Gene Dante? He’s an actor, singer, song writer, artist and Uber sexy MoFo… I wonder if he’s single 😉 Dante has taken all of his experience in stage craft and other theatrical arts to create a whimsical journey of vibrant colors and imagery.

Here is the video for “A Madness to His Method”…

I know, I know… get to the songs… Fine.

First you gotta know what they sound like. Think of Bowie, Hedwig, Iggie, Freddie Mercury, Steven Tyler and Sylvester all jerking each other off into a cup… Then shove it into Joan Jett’s vag… 9 months later you would have the sound, presence and Fraking Hotness of Gene Dante!

So here’s the song list:

“A Romantic Lead” by Gene Dante and The Future Starlets

1. A Madness to His Method
2. Purity of Intent
3. The Starlet Hits the Wall
4. Photo Synthetic
5. Brian, My Darling ** BadEvan’s Fav **
6. C Star
7. OK Sunshine
8. The Dreamers
9. Like a Satellite
10. This is the Closing
11. To A God Unknown

Want to stalk…I mean follow this hot guy and great band? Well, here ya go.

Gene Dante’s Official Site
Gene Dante on MySpace
Gene Dante and the Future Starlets on MySpace or FaceBook

So, check out all the videos and tracks… Then go and pick up a copy of “A Romantic Lead”.

BTW, what do you think of the Dante and the band? What’s you favorite track?

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  1. Dante is a beautiful book face which could also be used to good effect in magazines, periodicals etc..

  2. thanks for the tip – i’m diggin’ the songs – just got it on itunes!

  3. So cool video and thanks for sharing the entire song list here, I like the band and its music, beside lyrics are always catchy. My favorite song is “Purity of Intent”, it has a great music.
    .-= Great songs

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