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Help GLBT Teens in Iran

Remember when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said “We don’t have homosexuals, like in your country”. Remember? We all know there are GLBT people in Iran. What you may not know is the fear they live with. Because Ahmadinejad and his religious extremists hunt them down and murder* them. Well now you can help GLBT Iranian teens escape that fate…

Since 1979 (the revolution), more than 4,000 people have been murdered for simply being gay… I mean executed for their disgusting crimes against Allah.

On July 19th 2005 two gay boys were murdered (I don’t care what they say… It’s MURDER). They were caught having sex with each other. One boy tried to flee and sought asylum in other countries… But no one wanted to cause an international incident with that crazy fraker, aka the Iranian President. So, the teen was returned home to face the gallows. The teens were hung, in a very cruel way. The ultimate shitty deal here, was the fact his own mother was the one that turned him in. His fraking mother! You can see more on this in the video at the bottom of the page.

This is happening to often. Plus, with the political dissident clamp down, from the election outrage, there has been little said publicly about the plight of the Iranian GLBT community. But yet the death squads still hunt down, rape, torture and murder any one they think to be queer.

So, how can you help? There is a group of people, that can not be publicly named, going to Iran. Their goal is to liberate 30 GLBT teens. The teens have already been chosen and are waiting for the group to come and get them.

How will this work? The teens will be “smuggled” out of the country. They will arrive at a friendly country with legal visas. They will then apply for asylum (pretty sure they’re gonna get it). They will be clothed, fed, housed, educated and trained for work in their new country.

This venture is both very worth your while and extremely expensive. It is going to take close to $10,000 USD per teen. That will cover all the legal fees, room and board and education costs.

I know your wondering why the group can’t be named. If the Iranian Government was to find out who, when and why they are coming… They wouldn’t let them in. Then, they would spend what ever it takes trying to track down the teens… Who would then be murdered.

Get to it Evan… How can I help? CASH!!! I am charged with raising half of the funds for 10 teens. That’s $5,000 per teen for a total of, God help me, $50,000.

To sweeten the deal, even though giving/helping should be the reward, I will send anyone who donates $100 or more a BadEvan t-shirt. If you send $500 or more you’ll get the t-shirt and a BadEvan hat. Send $1,000 or more and get the t-shirt, hat, coffee mug and one pound of fresh roasted Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. If you send more than $2,000 you’ll get the above and I will promote your website/company here on BadEvan and in my new weekly video show, for one full year (email me for details). All of the “rewards” will be coming directly from my supplies.

You know you want to help… You can send your donations through PayPal (send to:

As always, I will pimp/shill for any and all contributers. FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon and here on BadEvan…what ever you want, just ask 😉

Remember, you will be saving GLBT teens from a turn at the gallows.

Much Love,
Evan McMahon, aka BadEvan

PS, Please watch this video to learn more about the boys.

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  1. ** UPDATE **

    You may have noticed the graphic in the upper right hand sidebar…. I will update the current amount donated every day :)

    Thanks again everyone!
    .-= BadEvan´s last blog ..Help GLBT Teens in Iran =-.

  2. Evan, I really wanted to watch the video you embedded here to learn more (unfortunately I can’t afford to donate anything, and I know this is probably too late anyway) but it’s been disabled by YouTube for copyright infringement because of the content from WMG in it. Iran’s attitude towards homosexuality is outright appalling, and I’d really like to know how this teen rescue project went and more about it.
    .-= interested in the video

    • Hey there “Interested in the video”,

      Iran has been doing this for some time. As their Pres said “We don’t have gay in our country…” Because they kill them all! This mission has already happened, sadly not all the kids we were trying to save got rescued. But this fight will continue on. I encourage you to spread the word about what’s going on in Iran. You can also send letters and phone calls to your elected officials in Congress… Ask them to publicly denounce the hateful and murderous actions of both Iran and Uganda (also killing their LGBT citizens) and then demand they do something about it. Talk is cheap…

  3. This is simply appalling and downright rude. It is rather sad that given the change of time, some cultures refused to accept their unique identity. We must learn to understand and respect each others individuality. I would like to help but i can’t donate anything.. I’ll just spread the word.

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