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The Gay Alphabet Soup

WTF? Come on, Seriously? This is our name, GLBTIQSAF? This is our Politically Correct community name? And everyone can switch the letters around to suit their own agenda? Don’t you feel a little silly writing that out? Cause I do. Here’s what we can do about it…

So first we need talk about what all of this alphabet soup means:

G = Gay
L = Lesbian
B = Bi Sexual
T = Transgender
I = Inter Sex
Q = Queer and Questioning
F = Friends and Family
S = Straight Supporter
A = Alliance or Alley

And here’s the best, or most confusing, part of this name… People freely switch the letters around or drop them completely. Depending of course on their own personal issues and identifiers.

For example:

GLBT or LGBT = Some one who identifies more with Gay or Lesbian and not so keen on the other groups that got left out. Or just not up on all the other “letters” issues.

GLBTI or LGBTI= Same thing as above but knows more about the “I” and is trying to include everyone.

GLBTQI or LGBTQI = Is some one who wants to represent those that are struggling with coming out. Typically people who aren’t out or had a very hard time coming out.

But really, this all boils down to people trying to be some what PC, or at least as much as they can stomach. Or enough to fit on a business card.

Now I know that the terms Gay Community or Gay and Lesbian Community can be a little divisive. I can see the logic there. It’s not just Gays or Gays and Lesbians fighting in this struggle for equality. Bisexuals, Transgender and Inter Sex need to be represented in the group. They are facing the same or similar issues of intolerance and injustice. But Friends/Family, Questioning, Supporters and Allies? Really?

Our Supporters, Friends/Family and Allies do not need to be included in our name. They may be there standing with us, but they are not us. Think about it for a second. They are supporters of the community. They are not part of the community. Until they are a GLBTI person…then they are just a friend or family member or a supporter. So, I say no on the FSA. Three down.

On to the Q. You either are or you aren’t. We are the ONLY group that includes questioning as a class of “members”. If you say you are straight, then you are. If you come out as a lesbian…then you’re a lesbian. If you are not sure…then you are what ever you say you are at that time. Period. I can’t believe I actually have to write this out. Besides, most people who are questioning their sexuality tend to designate themselves as bisexual. At least until they know for sure or feel comfortable being one way or the other. So say bye-bye to the Q.

Now to get rid of them all, mwahaha! Like I said before I get the divisive nature of the terms Gay Community and Gay and Lesbian Community. But what’s wrong with Queer? The term Queer Community can include everyone with out any special place holders or rules of order. Plus, Queer is such a powerful word. It even sounds less…well pansy-ish.

Would you mess with a Queer? Of course not, they’ll cut ya. But a GLBTIer… that just sounds lame. So, I’m casting my vote for Queer. The best part is… I wont have to change my logo 😉

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  1. good post, i can’t stand the alphabet soup, i like the word queer, maybe we should call ourselves the rainbow community but we will never get taken seriously. lgbtqiaw7xd24 is crazy.

  2. The alphabet soup confuses the straight people who try to be PC but are inevitably wrong no matter what they choose. It confuses gay, um – LGBT, make that LGBTIQ¶<3Ж people. Yeah, I vote for queer.

  3. So true, I hope you don’t mind but I posted this on my blog. let me know if is a problem.


    Ken Stanton

  4. I agree completely, and would love to go by queer.

  5. Gay for gays. Lesbians for lesbians. Transgendered for trannies. Confused for questioning. Still In Denial for bi’s. ha ha ha.

    Seriously, Rainbow Community will cause massive confusion with the Rainbow Coalition, a totally un-LGBT, political organization. The best label are obviously Gay or queer. Although, a friend did suggest “alternative”, but that just reeks of a conscious choice which we personally have never believed is inherent in the nature of sexual orientation. He also suggested alt-oriented, twisted, bent, bohemian, and lastly, the very quaint bachelor and bacholerette. Personally, we do tend to have a strong preferance for Gay, despite the fact that many have tried to tie this word to only male homosexuals. It shouldn’t be. It was a code word that our community created back in the days of secretive, underground clubs and bars. It was our code for anyone who was NOT straight and used when among heterosexuals so they wouldn’t know who or what we were referring to. Where we live (in New York City) that is still the blanket term for every letter of our community.

  6. I disagree that most people who are questioning their sexuality describe themselves as bi-sexual. The problem with labels is that none of them fit every one. They only create more anxiety for those who are trying to come to some understanding about their sexuality

  7. I have taken to moy own abbreviations to point out the absurdity of alphabet soup: LQBTGQF, To expand; Leather Queens, Bear, Twinks, Gayboys, Queers and Faggots. Sorry dykes. I have tried to fit you in with the letters we use but am having trouble please help!

    Seriously we are one. We need one name. Any ideas/

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