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The Winner Is

I know…it’s been 14 days since I was supposed to announce the winners of the Costume Contest. It’s been a rough few days. With the election, the first African-American being elected President, California’s Prop8, the 3 other anti-gay ballot measures and being the sole organizer for Bloomington Indiana’s response to Prop8. I’ve been beyond swamped!

Plus I’ve been waiting to hear back from the best costume winner and the random blogger winner. Both have replied and been paid! Hola at ya boy!

So here are the winners:

Grand Prize

1st: James Dasher

The runners-up!

2nd: Michael Cersosimo 3rd: Katherina López

More runners-up!

4th: Joey Flournoy 5th: Carolann Voltarel

The blogger who won the “random blogger” portion of the contest is….. Gerard Elgar. You can find him at ****EDIT****.

Congrats to both the winners and the runners-up. And thank you everyone for making this contest rock! (btw…the runners up will be getting a special treat from BadEvan…sshhhh.)

****EDIT: Gerard’s blog was hosted at BlogSpot…he was flagged for something…So, he’s moving to a self hosted WordPress and custom domain. Once his new one is up I’ll let you all know.****

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  1. awesome! 2nd place!

    Thanks man!

    Congrats to all the winners!

    Whats the special treat?

  2. Right on – it appears that my top picks were in fact the top picks, albeit in a slightly different order. Great costumes all around and a great contest. CHEERS!

  3. finally, you announce the winner

    wow thats awesome costume…there

    ups, i didn’t win, i guest i will be lucky next time!!
    congrats to all winner!!

  4. How can I become one of your heroes? Or sponsors? Thanks, Jen

  5. I just read this, I won! ok runner up but I Won ! woooohoooo!!

  6. Gotta give credit to the 2nd and third runner up. What great costumes indeed.

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