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Bloomington United Against Prop 8

On November 15th at 1:30 pm, people will be gathering at courthouses, town/city halls and campus lawns to stand against hate. They will be cheering “NO! On Prop 8”.

On November 4th we won a major victory. Senator Barack Obama became President Elect Obama. But we also got hit hard by four anti-gay ballot measures that have made GLBTers 2nd class citizens, again.

The most damning and surprising of the four was California’s Proposition 8. Which sought to amend the state’s constitution to ban same-sex marriage. Even though the state’s Supreme Court already ruled that such a thing was unconstitutional. The measure was passed. Mostly due to fear and a massive misinformation campaign, funded by the Mormon church (in Salt Lake City, UT).

So, we GLBTers and our Straight friends and family are gathering across the country to show the powers that be, that we will not let this happen. Not in America, where all are supposed to be free. We will not stand by as you strip the gay community of it’s rights. We will not let you regulate love and marriage with your “morality”.

It’s time for Bloomington to prove that it deserves the title of #1 Gay Small Town, given to it by The Advocate. Are we the gay friendly town we claim to be? Well then, let’s show the world. On November 15th at 1:30 pm we will gather on the courthouse square. Meet up on the corner of Walnut and Kirkwood. Please get as many of your friends, family and co-workers to attend. We need all the supports we can get.

Also there a couple of other ways you can help:

We need financial help. Right now, I am putting up a lot of my own cash to get the permits, fliers and signs. If you’ve got a few bucks you can spare…Please do so. You can send whatever amount through PayPal. Send donations to, I will try to come up with some sort of reward for donations.

If you can spend a couple of hours passing out fliers and hanging up signs, please contact me.

Please RSVP to the event so we have an idea of how many people are going to show. You can do so at FaceBook.

You can also follow all the event planning by following me on Twitter.

Some guidelines for Saturday’s rally:
1. No Drugs or alcohol.
2. No weapons of any kind.
3. Sign sticks can be no thicker than 1/4 inch.
4. No signs targeting specific religious groups (We don’t want to stoop to their level).
5. Don’t engage agitators or Prop8 supporters.
6. Do not block traffic in either the street or sidewalk.
7. stay peaceful and mostly civil.
8. If you would like to help help the day of…come talk to me. I’ll be the one with the bullhorn.
9. After the event is over, we need to leave quickly and orderly.

Before you go home, after the rally, take some time to get to know the people who stood by you. Hopefully we all make some new friends and brothers and sisters in arms. Also, Rachel’s Cafe is the designated post-rally wrap up spot. We can gather there to talk about how the rally went and future steps we can take.

These are a few of my favorite poster ideas for the rally. Click on the image to get a full page image. Images are from Protest PROP 8! Posters.




Hope to see you all on the square.

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  1. **EDIT: I’m allowing this comment even though the video is Pro Prop8!**

  2. I’m so stoked. My friend and I are coming from Fort Wayne so we’ll try to find it!!

  3. I would also try to put an Indiana spin on the protest. perhaps making signs that say we don’t want the same thing happening in Indiana. Remember – – it almost did. We fought it off from getting on the ballot here, but it will be brought up again during the next legislative session.

  4. I’m straight and I say hell no to proposition 8!!!!
    People, we MUST end the discrimination in this country.

  5. I’m glad you are doing this protest as an IU alum and as a CA resident. I do think you should put your own IN spin on it though. Prop 8 is our battle, sure, and we’re fighting, but IN has it’s own battles. That and a bunch of the people in IN won’t know what the hell Prop 8 means. Fight for equal protection, fight for partner benefits, fight for adoption, fight for marriage, but fight for something that means something in IN.

    I’m really glad you’ll be standing up for all of us gays out here in CA. We totally appreciate how everyone has reacted to this. But we want to take the momentum we’ve started and spark a fight for rights everywhere. Getting married in CA doesn’t quite mean shit if my gay friends in IN can still get fired for who they are.

    I totally miss IU, way to represent guys. Keep it up.


    250 smiling supporters in distasteful windchill and rainfall.
    The only deterrent kept the less pleasant clouds of human hate away.
    International support (complete with Maple Leaf Banners and stretchypants.)
    Full spectrum rainbow of race, gender, age and class.
    Laughter in the face of oppression amidst our true sentiment of dissent.
    Kisses and hot coffee.
    Rachel’s Cafe shivered with gaiety.
    Hope still lingers and blows down alleyways if only in this young, non-hetero heart.

    Thank you for all your organizing… Bitch.

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