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Hallo-Fraking-Ween Costume Contest

So it’s that time of year again. Hallo-Fraking-Ween!! My fav holiday of them all. This year, to mark my full recovery from certain death, I’m putting on a Huge Mega Fabu-tastic Halloween Costume Contest!! BuyCostumes has teamed up with me for this spectacle of wonderment. They’ve put up $500 CASH for the best user submitted Halloween costume.

I know, $500? Really? Yep, you read that right. They loved my review so much, BuyCostumes decided to sponsor this contest. Here’s how it works. Me and the judges will pour over all the photos that you guys and gals send in. Then I’ll send the person who gets the most votes from the panel $500. Pretty simple, huh?

So get out there in your best Judy Garland, rotting zombie, disco duck, or whatever you kids are into these days. Then strike a pose for the picture. Then email it to me at, by November 3rd (**File can be no larger than 1MB and contain no nudity**). That’s it! May the best man/woman/it win! If I’ve slept with you in the past, you are disqualified, maybe 😉

These are the judges:
Wisdom Hypnosis
Ken Armstrong
Odd Vantage
Diet Pulpit

Also, be sure to visit BuyCostumes for great quality costumes at very reasonable rates. And don’t forget to visit the judges, sucking up is allowed.

Bloggers, if you write about this contest you will be entered to win $250 cash, 5,000 EntreCard credits and a 125×125 Ad right here on my blog. Find out more, HERE.

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  1. Good luck to all the contestants… I can’t wait to see what is entered.

    Phone Girl’s last blog post..She Loves My Blog!

  2. Hi Evan, I can’t wait to see the pictures. I think that would make my day. Got you the best judges ever I see. Good luck sugar butt!

  3. Too bead I cannot win – I got a ‘LobsterBoy’ that would clean up – regardless, I look forward to judging it. Wait! Oh, forget it — I’ll blog about it regardless …

  4. Wow this is an awesome contest Evan. Good luck to all the contestants. I too can’t wait to see the entries.

  5. I am so excited about the opportunity to judge this. I can totally be bought!

    HInt > SHOES!

    Debbie Lane’s last blog post..Monday Morning Musings…..

  6. Too bead I cannot win?!!! I meant bad — must have been a Freudian slip.

    (NOTE: A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother)

  7. LOL Canuck: You always mean my mother.

  8. If I did a picture with nudity it would definitely come in over 1Mb


    Ken Armstrong’s last blog post..Liking It So You Don’t Have To #1 – Mission: Impossible III

  9. Dear Ken,
    Glad to see your telescopic lense is getting some use.


  10. This is really exciting! I joined a lot of contest before and this one ranks among the best. I joined the blog contest and posted an entry here:

    Kirhat’s last blog post..Halloween Costume Contest

  11. Ken: Nice to see you’re modest about everything!

    Evan: Answer my email!!

    fragileheart’s last blog post..Breast Cancer prevention: Part 1 of 4

  12. Thanks Kirhat…

    Right Ken…I’ve seen you naked… Talk about Nano-technology.

    FragileHeart….What fraking email?

  13. LOL I had sent you an email asking whether I needed to post about the contest being a judge and all… did I go in your spam folder? Though its been ages so its probably gone from there now. LOL

  14. Hi, I’m just blogging about the contest, don’t dress up for halloween anymore but I did spread the word for ya one my site

    Giveaway City’s last blog post..Hallo-Fraking-Ween Costume Contest

  15. Hi Evan,
    This is interesting. I join the contest by blogging about this contest at:

    Icon’s last blog post..Halloween Costume Contest at BadEvan

  16. My write up of the contest will appear on my blog Friday!

  17. This is my first time joining any contest by myself. Just trying my luck :D.

    Joyoz’s last blog post..Join BadEvan’s Halloween Costume Contest!

  18. Here’s the link to my post about the contest.

    Hope you’re going to post the entries!

    Greener Pastures’s last blog post..Bad Evan’s Halloween Costume Contest

  19. Hey there – I’m entering the blog about it portion of the contest. Since it’s randomly drawn I can safely say the following without being accused of sucking up…

    Your Costume Review is easily the best Paid Review (I’m assuming) I’ve ever read. No wonder they wanted to sponsor your contest.

    Ok here’s my entry:

    Two entrecard contests in as many weeks – Oh dear! I’m becoming a contest whore – with our WEB HOSTING BLOG – how very professional.


  20. i still have yet to decide about my costume

    queerunity’s last blog post..Proposition 8’s 5 Big Lies Video

  21. Hi! I blogged it here:

    Btw, i’ll just email you with the pictures. Hmm, im planning to send2 photos. Is it ok? I’ll let my neice wear the costumes. Hehe. :)

    Dhadha’s last blog post..Hallo-Fraking-Ween Costume Contest

  22. OMG, how can I miss out this contest.

  23. No costume, so I’ll just blog about this contest 😀

    Here’s the entry:

    wiehanne’s last blog post..BadEvan’s Halloween Costume Contest

  24. Okay – let’s do this thing!

  25. hi! did you receive my email dated november 01, 2008? :)

  26. Hey who won!?

  27. Jamie (sassyblueangel)

    Just wondering when you will announce the winners?

  28. Who won? I want to see the pics :)

  29. It’s been 2 weeks since the contest…What’s going on…Are we going to have to wait til Christmas??? I’m sure EVERYONE is wanting to know what happened. Hoping for a response…Thankx

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