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Honeymoon Sex Toys, yeah baby!

Way back in the day, before I disappeared, I was gonna tell you all about my friend Daniel’s site, Honeymoon Sex Toys. What a great name, huh? You all know that I don’t do many site reviews, but this one is worth it. It offers me some many things I can’t/wont buy locally.

Obviously I’m gonna talk about dongs, vibrators and lube. If that isn’t a night on the town for you…you may wanna read another post.

Honeymoon Sex Toys

Where do you go to fulfill your need for kink? I normally go to one of three purveyors here in Bloomington, Indiana. One is mostly a lingerie boutique, attached to an “in call” escort service. One is a novelty shop for 40th birthdays and bachelorette parties. The last one is where all the good stuff is. This is the place for getting all your mechanical, porno, lube, and bondage toys. The last one may have all the goods but they have more than that. They’ve got the pervs and real sex addicts. They sit out front trolling for a nice piece of ass. They come in and spank it in the preview booths and try to get at you.

Honeymoon Sex ToysPlus, all three of these places are on major streets in the city. I don’t want my grandfather to drive by one and see me out there…trying to get a bottle of Wet, fending off the creeps. I don’t need my grandfather to see me there. He all ready thinks I’m a perv. Granted I am buying the big liter jug with the pump dispenser… There are already enough rumors(truths?) out there about me already. I don’t need a fetish shop adding to it.

Not to forget the prices. I’ve got to walk through ick, play defensive end to a bunch of horny chicken-hawks, and risking public scorn. Just to pay three times the price. That really bugs me. It’s one thing to price gouge the perverts. But come on, I’m just trying to prevent chaffing and God willing riping. They’re never as big as they claim.

Honeymoon Sex ToysSo, when I was sent to Honeymoon Sex Toys, I was beyond relieved. No one knows I was there. No sticky on the floor. No one trying to rub-up against me. Plus, they have everything I could ever want at a price I can afford.

So here are the facts.

Navigation: It’s easy to find what ever you are looking for. The sidebar is broken down into many product types. Then when you choose something, like lube, you can refine that even further. So if you are looking for a flavored water base lube…you can find it even easier.

Shipping: You get really fast shipping. I know everyone says that and few mean it. But they really do ship fast. They process orders fast, get em out, and in your box faster than I’ve seen before. Plus, they ship world wide and orders over $60 are shipped free! If you think about it that’s a really nice vibrator and a big bottle of top-shelf lube.

Descriptions: They offer great descriptions so you know what you are getting. No more guessing if it’s the right size or strength.
This Swiss Navy Premium Water-Based Lubricant is deliciously long-lasting! Use Swiss Navy’s flavored water based lube for tasty adult play. It is non-staining so use as little or as much as you want. This slick lube is sure to add some pizzazz to your tired sex routine. Plastic bottle with pump lid holds 4 ounces of clear Passion Fruit lube. Swiss Navy gear for play!

Well there you have it…. So go there now and buy hours of fun and sexual exploration.

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  1. Thanks! I’ll go and take a peep;) I am a long way away in UK.

    But they ship, so that’s cool.


  2. Hi, cool post added your blog to my faves for the future

  3. wtf! you are now promoting sex toys :S.. I really protest against it .. by the way is there any discount for the readers of this blog 😛

  4. Ooh yet another thing to use my credit card on. heheh so far… I’m on the site now and I’m liking what I see so far 😉 You’re the best hun!

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