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I’m Back! Hide Your Boys.

That’s right boys and girls…the big bad wolf is back on the net. Sorry, for leaving you all in the dark. But man was it a rough couple of months. My surgeries didn’t go as planned…So I was in and out of the hospital, or drugged out of my mind, for the past 4 months.

But that’s all behind me now. I’m feeling better with a sunny outlook on life… Isn’t that wonderful? Ok, maybe not a sunny outlook, but at least I don’t hurt as much and can now EAT WHAT EVER I WANT!!! Thank you God. I’m still just as bitter, jaded, spiteful, and vulgar as ever.

But now I have more energy and fun slingin’ my darkish fury. Just ask my mom. I’m not gonna to bore you right now with all the details of the past few months. We’ll just say it sucked midget cock. (If you are a midget and are offended by that remark…bring it on Lollipop Guild)

I want to give a shout out to all the people over there in the “My Heroes” section, on your left. Your other left Stan! Please visit them. Don’t go all click crazy. But please support them, since they supported me. I also want to name a few people who went above and beyond the call of “Blogging-Buddy”.

G-Momma, for sending me the card and the candies…Yum Yum. But next time send a hot frat boy to feed them to me.

Debbie, for all the phone calls, love, and overall calming of my spirt and mind. You hold a special place in my heart. The heart of love not the one of bitter revenge.

EvilWoobie, for the guest posting…even though there wasn’t a part II. I still love ya, my twisted little sister.

And to the rest of you who have sent emails, calls and letters wanting to know how I was doing….Leave me the FUCK ALONE! I’m swamped…

So, while I was gone I missed a bunch of stuff. Big Gay Crap. Here it is since I know a few of you get your queer news from me.

The California Supreme Court over turned a ban on Same-Sex-Marriages. The “Govonator” said he will not seek to overturn the ruling or support a ballot measure. Read More Here

Gay/Lesbian victims of WW II Nazism given a memorial in Berlin. The law banning homosexuality, established by Hitler, stayed in effect until last year. Read More Here

There were 11 queer athletes at the Beijing. They won a butt load of metals. Including Gold Medalist high-dive winner, Matthew Mitcham. Who was snubbed by NBC. Read More Here

Hallmark Cards are now Queer friendly. They are adding to their line of gay/lesbian cards. Including Same-Sex Marriage cards. My Great Grandmother thanks you. Read More Here

And if all that wasn’t enough good news… My ex-Scotty, My Broken Heart Wont Heal, started dating a guy from my past, while I was being riped open. He flaunted it in my sisters face after she found out he was dating an ex from my past. The great part is after I was well enough to email Scotty’s new boy, my far-flung ex, I did. Telling him what Scotty had done to me and my heart. See this other guy still likes me and has for some time. Scotty got dumped shortly after. (evil laugh)….

I also did a Phone Sex Survey at my friend Sex Kitten’s blog. It was great fun and very revealing. I got a little carried away in a few sections…so uh…yeah…be forewarned. I’m a vulgar lil bitch with a lust for lust. I will also be a guest poster on Sex Kitten’s blog, Phone Sex Life, next week. I hope my frail old Debbie doesn’t see them. I don’t think she can take anymore… I’ll send her the link.

Well, that’s it for today. There will be more later. I promise, that I’m back and doing well. Look for me in the Lists….

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  1. Oh muy darling one, it is so good to see you back and sassy as ever.

    Don’t bother with the link, I won’t go read it. I want to believe in your purity til the day I die!

  2. Can’t wait to see what you have for my site, lol.

  3. I’m pure… PURE EVIL! HaHa!

    You will be Bum-Rushed with the link. When you open your inbox, it’ll be there. When you open your mail, it’ll be there. When you go the coffee shop, it’ll be there, too.

  4. I’m just happy to be apart of something that’s bigger and greater than anything we can be apart. Something that joins us more than it divides…. Oh, shit. I was doing my Mr. Entrecard acceptance speech already. Is it not time yet? Sorry… Assumed!

  5. Hi dahling, so glad you are back. If I were a male I would stalk you! Even so I will still stalk you. Bwahahaha

  6. Glad you’re feeling better. Let the vulgarity abound!

  7. It’s about time you’ve updated this blog… Nice to have your smartass around the forums again… Stay well…

  8. Welcome back, dude, glad to see you’re feeling better! – John

  9. Mitch – that’s an awfully manly name for a chick?!?

    Realtor – ya know it feels so good to be back pissing off the mommy bloggers.

    John – I need your link and ad still…

  10. I am glad to see you back and strong!! ; ) You have been tagged my friend! Welcome back and hope to chat soon! xoxo

    GirlsGab’s last blog post..Casey Anthony May Have Made Up Names Of Nanny, Friends

  11. Evan I am glad things are looking on the up and up for you and that you had some great support through the whole process.

    Josh’s last blog post..Let the free market decide how to run the market

  12. So the EC forum will now be alive again. LOL Hey welcome back, great to see you around stumbling posts again. Stay healthy…

    bloggista’s last blog post..Watching the Ateneo vs De La Salle Finals Game Live? Tough Luck

  13. It’s about time you are back bitch! We have been missing you!

    Michael and Derrick’s last blog post..2 Weeks Till GAY DAYS DISNEYLAND, ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA October 3rd-5th

  14. Nice to see you back. It’s about time somebody “bad” spices up the forums again.

    archondigital’s last blog post..Version 4 Beta – Posts and 301 Redirection

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