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BadEvan Needs Your Help

BadEvan needs your help! As many of you know, I have been suffering from Sever Ulcerative Colitis for a couple of years now. The medication I’m on was never supposed to be a long term treatment. Very high doses of steroids. They are taking their toll on my body. The side effects are becoming just as bad as the disease. But if I go off the meds I end up in the hospital for a week or two. Needing heavier steroids, antibiotics, morphine and blood transfusions the whole time. No fun at all!

The doctors have said that they can’t keep me on that treatment any longer. It’s time to operate! I have to have a complete Colectomy. You know, they go in and take out your entire large intestine, colon and rectum. That’s why I haven’t written anything in the past 15 days. I’ve been pretty down about the whole thing. On top of that mental crap, I physically feel like a bag of poop.

After the surgery, and the year long recovery, I’ll have a much better quality of life. I’ll be able to do things again. It’s a good thing I guess. I have been home bound for most of the past 2 years. Again, no fun. Especially since I’m a single 26 year old, very cute guy. I even had to move in with the mother!

I’ve tried many of the drug treatments, herbals, and spiritual treatments (even tried some Japanese ionic water). They just didn’t work for me. I have a very sever case that is resistant to drug therapies. If you want to no more about UC, the treatments and the major side effects you can go to Wikipedia or the NIH.

Anyway, life will be better. It’s dramatic but needed. There are many very scary life changing risks that go along with the 6 hr long surgery. Things that are very personal and very scary. Lets just say that there is a big chance that not all of BadEvan, wink wink, will ever function again. :( I’ve been alone through most of this ordeal. Even now I really haven’t had anyone to talk to about the Mr. Winky situation. My mother is a nurse, but dude… Who wants to talk to their mother about their penile function, or lack there of?

So what do I need from you? Money! The surgery is covered as are my medical supplies that I’ll need. So, what’s the money for? When I have the surgery, I’ll be in the hospital for almost 2 weeks. Alone, again. It’s to far for my family to drive and they can’t afford to both pay for a hotel room for 2 weeks and take that time off from work. So, the money is going to be used so that my family can be with me through my hospital stay. Knowing that they are going to be able to be there with me will relieve some of the stress. I’m a proud guy and I didn’t really want to bring all of this up here, I don’t know why. I don’t mind sharing my troubles, but this is very personal and kind of emberacing. But I have hit a wall mentally and financially. The cheapest room I could find for the 2 weeks will be about $1,000. They were nice enough to give us break from their regular fees, otherwise it would have been almost double that. The surgery is scheduled for May 8th. The Docs can’t hold it off any longer. I have to be on my current meds for the surgery, otherwise I literally wouldn’t make it. But they can’t let me stay on the meds for more than a week. :(

Like I said I’m a proud guy. I don’t want a handout. I’ll trade you for your help and generosity. Aside from helping a great guy that has always been there for others, you’ll get Adspace. Anyone who sends me $100, through Paypal, will get TWO(2) years of advertising on I’m going to put up a new side bar on the left hand side of this screen. This will be called “My Heroes” and will display, with Follow, 125×125 ads from my supporters. If you don’t have 125×125 ad, I’ll make one for you. If you think about it this is a great deal. Why is it a great deal?

If you are an EntreCarder…look at it like this: My widget cost an average of 128ec per day, multiply that by 2 years. That’s 93,440ec!!! The current cash price for ECs is $2.50 for 500. That means, it would cost you $467.20 for a full 2 years on my widget. That’s a savings of $367.20! Still need more reasons…

Well, here are my stats:
Alexa Rank= 120,827
Google Rank= PR4
Google Position= #14, gay blog (of 4,320,000)
Yahoo Links= 4,503
AllTop= #9 for GLBT
DMOZ= Yes, listed
TopicCraze= #5 for GLBT
One of the first GLBT Bloggers to be issued press credentials by both political parties.
I’m one of the top bloggers in the Gay Community.

Remember, you’ll be doing me a great favor. Like the Godfather, I wont forget it. You need daily stumbles? Maybe more link love or comments? I’ll be there for you. So, if you can help and want the Adspace, please send your contributions through PayPal to before May 6th. Since the surgery is on May 8th we need a couple of days to make sure everything is squared away.

As always…Thanks for listening.

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  1. Hi Evan,

    Just stumbled upon your site. Hope the surgery went well. I, too have UC and have had surgery. Not a total colectomy, but most of it. Still taking Asacol and Imuran. Mostly healthy with the occasional small flare.

    You are in my thoughts.

  2. Hey Evan – Miss you – hope youre back soon!

  3. Evan,
    Let me know your current situation. How are you now and what with your surgery. May be I can do little help?

  4. Evan dear, I’ll help where I can! Buying an ad on your blog as we speak (and sending you credits too). Big hugs!!

  5. Just wanted to extend my best wishes to you and hope you get better :-)

  6. How are you now??

  7. Just dropping by to say hope you are doing ok after the surgery, Praying for your faster recovery.

  8. How everything is? I hope you will be alright and would be doing well.

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