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One Crazy Week

So, it’s been one crazy week for BadEvan. I’ve been visiting family, trapped with no internet connection, being away from my dog, deleting old TXTs from Scotty (the EX), and hearing that my cousin Jodie was arrested for murder. I need a vacation from my vacation…

Starting at the beginning. I left Bloomington on the 6th. In the car for 4 hours with my mother and teenaged sister. The car ride wasn’t that bad. It gave mother and I a chance to talk about all the bad that’s transpired over the past couple of months and the scary health things due to arrive. Sis just played with her new Ipod, most of the way. Instead of just heading straight for Highland, Il (Grandparents House) we opted to go a lil farther and take sis to see the St. Louis Arch. It was worth the extra miles, and mother freaking about directions. We went through the museum, Expansion Westward. I got yelled at by a 90 year old park ranger for touching a display. Well it wasn’t in glass or behind a rope.

After a few hours of “fun” we headed back o Highland. We said our goodbyes  They drove a way, back to Bloomington. So begins my long week with two old people in a town with NO WiFi, coffee shops, or hot farm boys. I spent most of the week going through old family photos with Grandma Pat and listening to Grandpa Jim go on and on and on and….The man can find an hour long story in anything. We caught up on the past 8 yrs. Talked about my inheritance. Swapped recipes. They wanted to see pics of Scotty. I told them the sad truth. Here I had told them how in love we are, it’s not a fling or lust. That I am capable of being in a LTR. Just to tell them it was now over. They assured me I would find mister right. That I wasn’t going to be the crotchety old man at the bar still looking for love…

Anyways…The town of Highland needs an upgrade! The library has 12 computers for people to surf the net. Not bad. But wait…they are all in use and connected to the internet by a single DIAL-UP connection!!! WTF!!! How do they expect this blogger to return his thousands of fan emails…? PS: I’ve already sent you both an email back. I would have used my SmartPhone to connect my laptop…but I didn’t know how and had no way to look it up. Thanks to Ankit Arora I now know how.

Here are some of the pics I got from Grandma Pat. These are of me, duh, at different ages. I was a cute lil kid. What the Hell happened?

I was missing Mable, my baby dog. I thought I had some pictures of her on my phone. Nope. I did however find some old TXT’s from Scotty. Ones the I had saved back when I hoped and prayed and begged for us to get back together. I cried for a couple of hours. Grandma saw…Grandpa didn’t. She made me some hot chocolate. The good stuff, handmade from scratch. *Hugs* Grandma!

TXTs from Scotty:

baby i want you take me and bend me over the hood of the car and while you fuck me i want you to pull my hair and smack my ass while you call me your dirty boi.

baby i miss u. i’ll be off work soon

i can’t stand being apart. where r u? i’ll see you tonight!

I love you so much! I need you always!

They are all deleted now…

Then on Tuesday mother called to ask what Felony Murder was. I explained it was a homicide that occurs during the commission of another felony. Normally a charge that’s made when the DA plans to seek the death penalty. Why? Well my cousin Jodie was arrested for ALLEGEDLY stabbing a guy to death over Crack. She’s being charged with felony murder. Her firefighter boyfriend is also being held for trying to steal meds from the Bloomington Hospital. Jodie and me are the same age. I’ve been struggling with the idea of writing about this. Should I or shouldn’t I? We did a lot together in our youth…um…Bad Evan…it ain’t just a nickname 😉

So that’s my vacation. Oh we went to the zoo, too. But I’ll talk about that later.

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  1. oh my god*

    awesome post but jesus yer cuz Jodie is in a pile o bad poop* thass scary*

    those photos are Classic + yer Lucky U have Grandparents who are c0ol with yer situation* Those are Doberman’s right? We had 1 named Fritz growing up – guy made the mistake of going on to our Ranch property – some Tax Gov’t Idiot + he won’t be filling out Forms cuz Fritz took his hand off* Serves the Fucker right*


    Peace Bro + thx fer droppin’ yer Card!!

  2. i hope things get better…

  3. sounds like an interesting vaca…glad u had fun for the most part though

  4. Geez, what a vacation! o.O
    But you are really cute on those old pictures 😉

  5. I don’t know you. I just happened across you through Entrecard but, I will be back! You’re life is like a soap opera. I love it!!

  6. Awww you were soooo cuute and you still are!!!! I think you are totally handsome and I’m not saying that just to be nice, or b/c I’m your lil’ sis, or b/c I know that if I don’t lock my door I may wake up to you standing over me with an insane look on your face.
    *cough cough FREAKY cough cough*
    (Although to get away I guess I could zig-zag and roll right? ROFL)

    No, I really think that you are handsome and a good looking guy. And I know that Scotty’s my friend, but forget about him. I know that it’s tuff, believe me. You have almost always been here for me ever since i could remember and you’ve been working with me through all the bullshit drama and I will always love you for that. You give great advice, especially when it is really truely needed, but have you recently taken your own advice? Have you been telling yourself all the things that you have told me?

    I know that with the age difference you always thought me to be annoying when I was younger and you were a young teen; aaand I’m sure you still do. But what are little sisters for anyway right? As far as I can remember, for the most part you and I have always gotten along and I think that’s why the relationship that I have with you out of the whole family means the world to me. When I was in 6th grade for the IStep I had to write an essay about my hero. I don’t remember what I said but I remember starting it out with “My hero is not Batman or Superman he is an everyday guy like you and me. My hero is my big brother Evan” (I dunno if mom ever told you that). You still are my hero and I still look up to you, that’s why you are so important to me and why I was asking you the other day about you going to Uncle E’s. Even though what you did in the beginning was a no-no, I’m proud of you for being clean and that makes me look up to you even more. I’ve been clean and straight for a while now but with everything that you have been through and what not I sometimes like to think of you as my anti-drug. LOL ^.^

    All in all you ARE a handsome guy
    and I will always be here for you like you have been here for me.

    I love you Bubby!!!

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