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BadEvan’s 08 Resolution

This is my 2008 New Years resolution. Yeah, I know it’s a lil bit late. But better late than never, right? I have spent the last 13 days thinking about this post. I even had most of written. Then after yesterdays break-up….

Why a resolution?

I need some focus and accountability in my life and writing. Things have been chaotic, to say the least. With all the medical crap, falling in love, moving out, moving in, getting ranked as a blogger, being stalked by a right-wing extremist, having my now blackened heart ripped out. Blah blah blah. I need a plan or at least route directions.

I’ve broken my Resolution into 5 Categories:
Health and Fitness
Life In General
Blogging and Writing
Working, Money and Bills
Love and Romance

Health and Fitness
1) Get my teeth fixed. Already in the works. Major oral, hehe, surgery scheduled for Thursday morn.
2) Get my UC under control with a Complete Colectomy. (Sometime in Feb) Hopefully a J-pouch, for those of you with UC or Chrons. I really don’t feel like pooping in a bag!
3) Get back to my P90X routine (After recovery) I swear this system rocks!
4) Get back to the gym every other day. Not to work out really. More for the eye candy and hot showers….I’m a dirty boy!
5) Cut back on the Marlboro “Reds”. I’m not quitting! Just cutting back. Don’t you even think about commenting about how I should quit.
6) Eat more fish. *Stop laughing Sam*
7) Take longer walks with my dog.
8) Meditate every day. But don’t make it a chore.
9) Get back into Bikram Yoga (Hot Yoga).
10) Use less sugar in my tea and coffee.

Life In General
1) Expand my, non-existent, talents with digital photography and graphic design.
2) Play the man. Not the cards. 😉
3) Spend less time being pissed off by the news…Not very realistic, but I’m gonna try.
4) Smile more! No more scowls. (After the oral, hehe again, surgery)
5) Get back into seeing movies opening night. I used to do this all the time. I would see EVERY movie that came out, the night it came out.
6) Spend less time at Waffle House. Sorry, Shannon and Lori. :(
7) Go back to the old BadEvan style. Combat boots, leather jacket, tattoos, and that stare…
8) Burn my preppy clothes. Try to avoid buying more, dumb ass!
9) Start traveling again. Maybe even move overseas again.
10) Never be afraid or embarrassed of being me! Even if I’m being an ass, awkward, or geeky. I thought that wasn’t an issue for me. But recently I’ve noticed that it can be.

Blogging and Writing
1) Continue visiting my daily list of 650 blogs (I skim for new content. I sometimes use my feed reader for sites with real long post times) Visiting the blogs is better for the bloggers ad revenue.
2) Drop on 300 EnterCard blogs every day. If you haven’t joined EnterCard and you’re a blogger….Well, you’re a douche…
3) Use social bookmarks more. At least 10 submissions/favs to Digg, StumbleUpon,, Reddit, Blogmarks, Spurl, Blue Dot, Furl, Magnolia, and Sphinn every day.
4) Leave more comments on blogs I come across. Especially if they comment on my blog.
5) Increase my ranks. Get to PR5, Top 100k on Alexa, start using RealRank, higher rank on BestMaleBlogs and QueerListing.
6) Find more GLBT forums and post to them daily.
7) Post here at least 5x a week.
8) Find and implement better monetization programs.
9) Find a way to include the keywords Gay Blog and GLBT in every post. I was gonna use Douche bag but it was taken by CopyRanter.
10) Do a video post at least once a week.

Working, Money and Bills
1) This may sound crazy….Spend more time blogging and surfing. Yeah I realize I spend about 70% of my time this way…Hey, I’m single now and I only need to dedicate 5% to sleep.
2) Get more printing jobs. After I move to my new home in April. Need stickers, banners, posters, fliers, handbills, t-shirts, even books printed? Hit me up then. All custom and low rates.
3) Get back into selling my crazy tees and stickers.
4) Start funding and using my stock trading account.
5) Fund my retirement plan.
6) Create a plan to pay off my debt. My debt is at $30k, all medical.
7) Put 10% off all wages and earnings in the “God Hates Me” fund.
8) Go to the river boat once a month. No I’m not kidding!
9) Develop a real business plan for Self Publishing and printing my book, “Man Whore“.
10) Play the lotto more, hehe.

Love and Romance
1) No more blind-dates or friend/family setups. I mean it!
2) No more moving in with “him”.
3) I wont say “I love you” until we’ve been together at least 2 years. I always meant it the few times I’ve said it. But have they?
4) No more dating someone younger. Even though it was just a couple of years..No No NO MORE!
5) No hookups or one nighters. Not that I’ve been doing that. Just stating that I won’t replace one with many or often.
6) Remember Boys Suck!
7) Remember Boys Lie!
8) Remember There are no real men!
9) Accept that I am bitter and jaded and do not believe in love anymore!
10) Watch more porn!

About Bad Evan

I am the one and only...Bad Evan.


  1. Very comprehensive resolution list. Most of it looks attainable and it is good that you blogged them because some of them are easily breakable.

  2. I plan on running a promotion where EC users will get credits if they catch me breaking my blogging resolutions.

    I really want to stick to this…I think.

  3. Drugs make everything better! Well, if they are good drugs that is! 😀

    Nice list, btw. Very detailed!

  4. U Rock!!

    Can i do the New or Year Phat Linez!!


    Oh shit that was my New Year’s Rezolution*

    I laffed last Tuesday i went to a Strip Bar for a few innocent Beers + sure enuf the next thing i know some Dude i’ve never met is Buying me Beers + Shooters + we got a Table Full o Hot Strippers!!

    Too many Kamikazes + Man did I ever Pay for it* I slept for 2 daze + finally felt semi-Healthy on Friday which was my Birthday!

    Needless to say I learned my Frigging Lesson – I cannot Party anymore*


  5. I love this blog! You just made a new fan! The list is super-comprehensive. Makes my list seem lame. My only goal was not to be such a TMZ addict and to stop defending Britney for her stupid actions. I’m a celebrity gossip whore :)

  6. Wow, that is quite a list. Just remember, don’t try to tackle all of them at once. Turn each one into a habit before tackling the next.

    Your relationship resolutions sound like you have just gotten out of a bad relationship and are still bitter (just a bit ;-), but don’t swear off love yet. Just try to focus on yourself for now (making yourself into the person you want to be), and the relationship thing will work itself out.

    Happy day!

  7. 650 blogs a day?? Holy CRAP! I think I would go blind…. yehyeh I hear ya
    Anyway, good luck with all your resolutions. As far as the Reds go, go Light. They are the best cig ever made. After 9 years of having quit I still crave them so good luck in cutting back…. its hard to do with a broken heart tho.

  8. ((((Evan)))) All boys (men) don’t lie.

    I am supporting you and your ability to find the perfect,honest, loving, caring, hot, sexy, devoted, man for you!

  9. Wow, that is some list! Good luck.

    No more scowling? But scowling is so much fun 😉

  10. You aren’t planning to sleep? Because, whew, I’d need a nap after just the first few.

    Now, the last one, I can get behind that kind of resolve.

  11. Wow Its that real drugs? Its Ok anyways 😀

    ALso the thing you use to inhail drugs is it a 100$ bill?

  12. Nice list, I hope you stick to it, I’m already having trouble sticking to mine :/

    And you’re totally on point “All Boys/Men do lie/suck”

    U’re a man after my own heart

  13. @Shanti I’ve really been doing a good of not slacking off. While I haven’t made as many posts as I though I would and haven’t started messing with the Vlog yet, I’d say I’m pretty focused.

    I did go out on a couple of dates. They were supposed to be NON-hookups, friends first kind thing. Nope! Boys lie and only want one thing…Bust a Nut!

    “U’re a man after my own heart”
    Wanna be my first online fag-hag? hehe.

  14. Wow, that’s a lot but I bet that you can pull through it. I have a resolution as well. Mine is to be better. Better at what you ask? See that’s the thing, I’m keeping it simple so that there’s no way that I can fail. So I as long as I can get better at one thing within this past year then my resolution will be met.

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