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More Holiday Link Love

A Little Holiday Link Love For All The EntreCard Bloggers.
Inspired by GorillaSushi’s recent LL.

May we all have:

* More ad-clicks
* Better conversion ratios
* Tons more Uniques
* NoMore NoFollow

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I am the one and only...Bad Evan.


  1. Woohoo! Thanks for the links/credit! Here’s to everyone picking it up and us all getting 1300 new links this year!

  2. WOW WII WOW!!! Now that is some really serious link love. Thank you so much for including me in the list. I am passing it on. :)

  3. OMG thanks for the link love………..!!! Big hugs and happy holidays to you!!! 😀

  4. Another link love? thanx dude..
    Happy holidays!!

  5. Thanks for the link. Happy Holidays!

  6. Happy New Year Evan! Thanks for the link love, so much appreciated!!!

  7. Wow! How very kind of you. Happy 2008!

  8. This is a disaster. A serious, serious disaster looming on the horizon. You unwittingly are engaging in reckless behavior. It might feel good at first, but it will catch up with everyone eventually and any parallels drawn to the gay lifestyle are purely coincidental.

    Click on my link above to see the explanation.


  9. Wow Sam!

    Do I come to your blog and talk smack about you and your readers?

    Reckless Behavior”? I’m in a committed, safe and loving relationship. I know many straights that engage in much worse behavior.

    At least we don’t have to worry about surprise children.

    I understand you are trying to be cute…But why just come out and insult me and all of my readers like that?

    You could have easily gotten your point across with out offending my readers. Who don’t care about SEO, or your beef with mass link-love. That’s obviously not the topic of my blog.

    Your blog post was insightful and well informed. I wish I didn’t have this negative experience with you. I could have respected you and your work, but what you did was just wrong.

    I was going to delete your comment. Instead I decide to let everyone see it and your ignorance.

  10. lol evan, that wasn’t talking smack… you know darn well the serious level that “talkin smack” can reach and this was not it.

    I was just bemoaning what a disaster it is to see this link spam spreading… totally independent of the topic of your blog. The topic is the link spam.

    I know you didn’t mean it and i didnt insult you. In fact, just so no one would read such an insult into things, I made a disclaimer but should have realized that they never work… people are going to think what they want anyways.

    Hence, you took the disclaimer to be an insult on your lifestyle.

    Here, here’s something else you can leave for people to see my ignorance – it was a radio show I did on “Gays in the Military

    And I followed up with an interview with a gay, fellow blogger who heard that episode and respectfully disagreed with me on every point. Our conversation was titled, “SAM FREEDOM HOUR 45 – GAY BLOGGERS AND JUST PLAIN GAY EVERYTHING FROM A TOTALLY NON-GAY GUY.

    I had hoped it would have turned out more gay than it did but it took some understandable turns through non-gay, but entirely liberal, political discussion.

    Plenty of callers on both, plenty of fun.

    Just give those a listen starting with the first one and then you can go back to telling people how horrible I am. 😉

    Cheers brother, sorry if I inadvertently lumped you in with the bath house crowd.

    ps. Seriously, Evan, you bit off a mouthful here… (ooh, he said “mouthful”!)
    Seriously, can’t we all just get along? 😉

  11. @Jason – Thanks for your forum post. I would love to join in, but I can’t. I was recently flagged as a pornographic site. Thus banned by EntreCard! I wonder who flagged me?…. Please feel free to write EntreCard in protest.

    @Sam- After listing to your shows and reading more of your other posts. I realize that, that’s just you being “funny”. I was actually going to comment that I might have been quick to lash-out.

    But then….I read your follow-up comment on your site.

    ****oh come on, now, Evan, you’re so sensitive. I oughta pull down your pants and spank that little butt of yours. 😉

    Seriously, Evan, though I didn’t mean to lump you in with the bath house crowd, bemoaning the fact of a LINK SPAM campaign going viral does not amount to insulting you or your readers.

    There had to be another way you could have said this… like, “Sam, you’re awesome. How can I ever repay you?”****

    Well Sam, You’re an ASS. You wanted to point out the “parallels”. There was no need for a “disclaimer”. BTW “purely coincidental” means it just happens to fit the situation as well. Meaning, that’s what you think of us queers, or at least want to appear that way.

    You wanted to be controversial and cute.

    Well it ain’t gonna fly with this homo! You don’t know me and the things I’ve gone through. The amounts of hate mail/comments I wade through just to write about GLBT issues. Including basic human right for me and my husband. So, don’t be cute. You come off as an idiot!

    Even in your “apology”, you are insulting. Bath house crowd….I don’t believe you mean to come across this way. I really Don’t. I even enjoyed your radio show and could agree with you on many of the topics.

    I don’t even care if you do hate queers and fags. That’s your right. Just own up to it and keep it off my blog.

    If you didn’t plan on offending, you could have just said, “Sorry Evan, I didn’t mean to offend you or your readers.”

    That would have been fine.

  12. I lodged a complaint over the banning.

  13. Thanks for the link :) Happy New Year :)

  14. Thanks for the link love. I appreciate the spirit in which it was done.

    I’m going to lodge a complaint as well.

  15. @jason – a bit funny, and ironice, that Mr. “Copy the Whole All Cards Page to My Blog” would accuse me of using lowball tactics for backlinks. I’ve gotten over 50 backlinks this month alone for offering creative HELP that didn’t just copy and paste 100s of people into big, viral LINK SPAM campaigns.

    So, no, this is not an effort to get a bunch of low-grade backlinks. I get them just fine by giving help that HELPS.

    @badevan – you almost got it right: you were quick to lash-out. We were very close to a break-through there, but close only counts in horseshoes and grenades but hope springs eternal and I’ll continue to pray your bigger sense of humor returns from Oz unscathed.

    (regarding Oz… don’t even!)

    By the way, banning your blog was wrong, even if it IS a bit racy. I’ll look around and then see what can be done about a protest.

  16. Hey Evan, thanks for the link! Happy holidays!

  17. Thanks for the linklove!
    happy holidays!

  18. Evan, its a shame that you had to put up with such stupid comments from Sam. You would think that bloggers would a lot more tolerant to different lifestyles than what was demonstrated here. Of course as someone used to tell me. Just consider the source.

    At least one good thing came out of all this with all the crap that Sam started he has probably helped raise awareness of this little project and there are now serveral more of them around the web. I posted it and so did one of my readers. Of course I removed the link to Sam. I don’t want to reward him.

    That does not seem right about the Entrecard banning. I looked through your earlier posts and saw nothing pornographic on this site. Graham really needs to reconsider that decision.

  19. Please remove the link to my site: www dot simplepctalk dot com.

    Thank you,

  20. Evan are you still banned or was it fixed?

  21. I KNEW IT! My logo looked better on black background! hi there and thanks for the link love.

  22. Thanks for the link! I appreciate it even though some don’t. :) Happy holidays!

  23. Thanks for the LL!

    My son’s name is Evan too. :-)

  24. Hi,

    thank you for linking my blog in your blog. I appreciate that. Have a great year 2008!

  25. Happy new year, my friend! Thanks for the link love! I feel it!

  26. Hey, I sent Entrecard a note to get you off the banned list, and there you go. Welcome back!

  27. Now that’s a lot of little tiny images. Thanks for the wishes!!! 😀

  28. Aw, you beautiful man… thanks so much for the link, I realize I’m a tad behind the times here, but better late than never,eh?

    Also, sorry to read about the difficulties you’ve experienced with both Entrecard and Sam F. Happy to see you have more supporters than spoilers… don’t let the bastards get you down;-D

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