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Extortion or Prostitution? Cody in Jail

Spokane Prosecutor, Larry Steinmetz, contends in court documents that Cody Castagna and three others attempted to blackmail former Rep. Richard Curtis in October, after the two men had sex in Curtis’s hotel room. Arrest warrants were issued for the four men on December 12th.

Castagna turned himself into authorities after telling reporters, “I’m not going to run, I have nothing to hide”.

Curtis alleged that Castagna stole his wallet and tried to extort $1,000 from him after the two had sex. Castagna said the money was in exchange for sex, prostitution not extortion. He says that he was given the wallet as “collateral” until he got the cash he was rightfully owed.

Richard CurtisCastagna is being charged with three counts of second-degree theft of a credit card, one count of second-degree extortion and one count of conspiracy to commit second-degree extortion. Castagna’s brother Joseph L. Castagna, friends Robert H. Fletcher and Brandon D. Burchell are all being charged with second-degree extortion and conspiracy to commit second-degree extortion.

According to court documents, Curtis met Cody Castagna in an adult book store and then at a hotel. Castagna told police he agreed to have unprotected sex for $1,000, but Curtis then refused to pay.

Later that evening, Curtis woke up and found that Castagna had left the room. His wallet, credit cards and Washington State Legislature identification were missing, prosecutors allege. Castagna later called Curtis, demanded $1,000 and threatened to go to his family and the press if he did not pay. Curtis left $200 at the hotel’s front desk for Castagna, and Fletcher picked up the money, prosecutors allege.

Castagna demanded additional money from Curtis, and Joseph Castagna and Burchell helped Cody plan the pickup of the additional money. Curtis called police to complain he was being blackmailed. He did not want them to file charges, he just wanted his wallet back.

Curtis denied offering to pay Castagna for sex, but acknowledged giving him $100 for “gas money,” police reports said. He also denied having any sexual contact with Castagna, and told reporters that he was not gay. He has now admitted publicly to having sex with Castagna.

Lead investigator, Sgt. Joe Peterson said in a statement, “we’ve been told by other people that this is not the first time the suspects in this case have done this type of thing.” Peterson could not be reached for further clarification.

Steinmetz could not be reached for comment as to whether or not he would be introducing Castagna’s sexually explicit past. Castagna performed in a “hardcore” pornographic video and has “modeled” on various gay-porn websites.

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  1. Why are they going after this kid?
    Now they’re going after his friends and family?

  2. Gas Money?!?!?

    We all know what that means, right?

    I understand that he did something wrong here, weather it was whoring or blackmailing. But do they really need to go this far for a disgraced Rep?

    What will they get out of destroying this guy?

    BadEvan, where did you get the pics of Cody? Got any more? He should be one of your January Hotties!


  3. This is crap!

    Curtis lied to the cops, the news, and his family. Why should we believe him? He just doesn’t want to admit what he did. Plus he wants to bring a young gay guy down with him.

  4. I don’t feel bad for him!

    He’s a whore!

    He probably did exactly what they’re saying. Hasn’t he been caught steeling before?

  5. Hey TheBigMan,

    So what if he’s a whore? We’ve all made mistakes. You don’t know the whole story,(caught steeling before).

    Curtis probably did give his wallet as collateral, then freaked out when he didn’t have the money he owed.

    And if I was Cody, I would threaten to expose him, too. If he tried to screw me out of $1000! Wouldn’t you?

  6. Hi! I couldn’t reply to your email since it contained a virus (?) lol, that’s what it said anyway 😛 But I’ll add your link right away!

  7. I feel sorry for all the cloested homos in the GOP. I have a nagging suspicion that God, at his most omniscient, made humanity GLBT and straight. Silly man for interpreting His words wrong and then marketing them all wrong.

    I feel bad for Curtis. He’s worked hard to build whatever he has and that’s prolly coming crashing down now. All for what? Man sex?I am sure he wouldn’t care for such an epitaph.

  8. The United States is so afraid of sex. Just the thought of two people loving each other in a sexual or even non-sexual manner seems to bring out the ugliness in those in power. Then once the powerful have a hold of it, everyday citizens half-read, half-understand a situation, get on a band wagon and then decide to hate anyone who is different.

    I’m sorry if I started ranting and possibly rambling, it’s just that I’ve learned to love myself, my lover and the hell with the rest!

    I feel bad for Curtis.

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