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I’m In the Book

FuelMyBlog has started something very interesting. They have put together a book about bloggers. But it’s more than that. It’s a chance for blog readers to see their fav writer behind the scenes. Those of us that where in the book had to send a picture of ourselves holding a print out of our online avatar. Yeah, you know that tinypic or logo that represents the blogger.

Why? Well, people tend to forget that there is a real person sitting at a keyboard filling these pages. Some of us bloggers have been tormented by people who forget that they are commenting to a human being. When people can just type something out and send it, they tend to be a little hurtful and sometimes very scary. Think back to that drunken email you sent to that one guy. Had it been in person, would you have been as cruel or crass?

Why not just put your face out there to start with? Because people can be mean and hurtful. Yeah, I know. See, when I hide my face you know my name, my hometown  my stats but could you pick me out of a crowd. When you right about things that people feel very strongly about, sometimes it’s best to put up a buffer. I have had people recognize me from some of my pics. Then they want to talk about how they disagree and how people like me are destroying America and sinning against God and BLAH BLAH BLAH. I just wanted a cup of coffee!

By using an avatar, that happens a little less. I feel a little safer. Plus it’s nice to have a little anonymity.

Anyway, Revealing The Human Behind The Avatar was designed to remind our fans, and haters, that we are real people. Plus it’s nice for people to see that this isn’t just a hobby for us bloggers. This is how many of us make our living, myself included. PS: Please visit my Sponsors.

If you should happen to want a copy you can get one at Blurb. FuelMyBlog has also decide to donate 15% of each purchase to Doctors Without Borders.

And in the spirit of giving, I have decide that any person that purchases a copy and sends me a pic of them holding it, will get a special Holiday Present from me Bad Evan. You can send your pic using the Contact Form. Please include an address where your gift can be sent and your username. Must be within North America and a Registered User. Deadline to receive Bad Evan’s Holiday Present is December 31st 2007 (12/31/2007).

I have not been paid for this review nor do I receive any money from the purchases of the book, Revealing The Human Behind The Avatar

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  1. That is why i don’t really blog. I am afraid of what people might say about my opinions. I would hate it if someone got mean with me about something that matter to me. Well, I am proud that you got into the book. -z

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