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Chris Crocker

Somebody please slap this “Guy”!

If you’ve been living in a cave the past few weeks, Chris Crocker is the “Queen of Complaint”. You know, that whiny little fairy that posted a video to YouTube crying for people to “leave Britney alone”. Eyeliner all runny from crying over the talking heads bashing Brit’s performance at the VMA’s. Get over it Chris! She sucked! Was she stoned, drunk, or just that sad?

chrisAnyway, he’s been making the rounds for the truly pathetic. Maury Povich isn’t Oprah, pall. I’m not sure if he did this because he’s really that lame or if he somehow knew that this would make him famous. He was already pretty well know for being lame and bitchy. But this has taken him to a new level. He has more “friends” on MySpace ( People are posting his videos, the Brit one is the only one worth seeing. CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and even VH1 have done stories on his sobbing.

In the end he is worthless. What do you contribute Chris?

From his MySpace page:

Who am I? It’s more like WHAT am I! I am the future.

The 411:
I call myself the Queen of Complaint because complaining is my religion. Complaining is a positive thing. The more we complain- the more likely change will occur.

I believe everyone should find something to complain about; Whether it be me, George Bush, or Courtney Love.. COMPLAIN, PEOPLE! IT DOES WONDERS.

Everyone always complains that I complain too much, but the more I complain the more the world makes sense to me.. The more I complain the more I realize I’m right and the world is wrong.. The more I complain, the more I smile.. The more I complain- the closer I am to my very own TV show…

Please God don’t give him a show! It’s times like these that it’s no wonder people hate us. I’m ashamed to be lumped into the same group as him. So if you should see him on the street…..Slap the Bitch.

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